jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Chinita's fair
Come back to Maracaibo

The 18 of November in Maracaibo we celebrate the Chinita's fair in November with an all-night party. The Chinita’s fair officially begins on October 27th when the Virgin is taken down from the altar in which she rests. She tours all over the Zulia State and returns to the Basilica to start all the religious festivities. Other cultural activities are held during the fair. Expo-Zulia is a temporary marketplace where the zulians show a great deal products that characterize our region. Many merchants, stores, companies and artisans offer their products at reasonably low prices. Many “gaiteros” gather in front of the basilica to sing their best gaitas to please the patron virgin.
My favorite room is Bedroom.

It’s beautiful, is beige and is very comfortable

I can rest in my bedroom, study, meditate, listen to music, reading, etc.

In my room.  I can find my bed, curtains, lamps, paintings, ornaments and carpet.

In my house there are 14 rooms.

There is a 3 Bedroom, a 4 Bathroom, a 2 living room, a kitchen and a dining room.

There is also a garage, a garden and laundry room.